The SPA experience during the pregnancy

The SPA quiet atmosphere is a great help for moms-to-be. They can access in from the 4th month onwards and during all the pregnancy time until the end of the 8th month (if there are no complications). During the first trimester, pregnant women are subject to strong physical and hormonal changes and for this reason they should avoid any SPA experiences.

In any case, it would be preferable to consult a doctor first. Then they can show a medical certificate, attesting the good health of the pregnant woman. In addition to this, it is a good idea to promptly inform the SPA staff about the current state of health in order to receive the best assistance during the experience or the treatment.

Within the SPA area, the moms-to-be will benefit from the Kneipp treatment to improve the blood circulation, to make legs and ankles lighter considering that are usually heavier because of the belly weight. It is better walking slowly for a total of 5 minutes, alternating hot and cold water, in order to stimulate a sort of vascular gymnastic.

Even bathing inside the whirlpools is allowed, paying attention to the water temperature- that must not exceed 38°- and to the water jets, which should be not too strong and never have to hit the belly. Do not forget: stay in the Jacuzzi no more than 15-20 minutes!

The steam bath and the finnish or infrared sauna should be avoided: high temperature may cause blood pressure changes and body dehydration. Moreover, high temperature may be responsible of capillary rupture and can leave marks on the skin.

Cabin treatments are completely allowed, but carefully: a massage can stimulate the blood circulation and it controls the swelling of the legs, preventing veins problems. Facial and beauty masks are useful too, along with exfoliating treatments and vegetable oil compresses, in order to nourish and improve the skin elasticity.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises for the moms-to-be, the massages have to be done in a supine position or on their side-lying position, in order to not influence negatively the fetus in the maternal womb.

It would be better to avoid the aromatherapy because of the natural oil scents which could be unpleasant for the moms-to-be and for their hypersensitive sense of smell. It is necessary to avoid also the reflexology foot massage, because it stimulates certain foot points that may cause contractions. Please choose specialised centres!

For the massage during the pregnancy it is necessary, anyway, a medical certificate and it is suggested to wait until the first trimester. If you are not able to have a medical certificate because you are travelling but you need “cuddles”, you can have a massage on the upper part of the body (shoulder, neck, arms and upper back) and on your legs with gentle and relaxing moves. Before starting the treatment, it is necessary to inform the therapist about any body problems during the pregnancy. The massage offered by our Luxury SPA is a soft therapy, which supports the moms-to-be during the most important stages before the childbirth, and it helps them to be more conscious about their own body and mood changes. Its purpose is to improve the muscle and the joints functions, the blood circulation, the muscle tone and to reduce the hormonal and physical stress levels. The body massage could be used also to prevent stretch marks caused by skin distension and to improve its elasticity and to help blood circulation.

Positive effects of the massage are:

  • Reduction of anxiety and stress levels
  • Decreasing of back and legs pain
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • Increase of serotonin and dopamine levels (natural mood stabilizers)
  • Decrease of cortisol levels (stress hormone)

A series of treatments during the pregnancy is suggested because of its positive consequences: but it is necessary to consider that: during the second trimester the massage can be received once a week; during the third trimester the treatment frequency could be doubled.

There is nothing else to do. Enjoy the pregnancy magical time in a peaceful location like Dogana del Sale Luxury SPA…

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