How to use the SPA area

It is necessary to keep in mind these 3 simple rules. Heat, reaction and relax, in other words the alternation of warm and cold environments followed by a concluding phase of relaxation. Before starting any SPA experience, it is necessary to have a warm shower for hygienic reasons and in order to facilitate the sweating process inside the hot environments.

Heat: you can choose from infrared sauna with 45° salt water walls, a finnish sauna 80° and a steam bath 50°. The hot environments increase our body temperature, the sweating process and the heart beat. The maximum time suggested for staying it is 10/15 min.

Reaction: you can choose between the frigidarium with snow cascade, the emotional shower with tropical rain (cold water) and the jacuzzi with cold water cascade. The cold temperature narrows the blood vessels, decreasing the heart beat.

Relax: the relaxation area is the area where body and mind are induced in a state of pure relaxation for 15 min. at least. While you are wrapped in bathrobes, lie on the chaise longue and cover ankles and feet with the towels provided. The relaxation phase is very important because it makes possible to restore the perfect psychophysical balance after the body stimulations caused by the previous thermal exchanges.

Thanks to this alternation between heat and reaction, the body makes a sort of vascular gymnastics, stimulating metabolism and improving immune system. It is important to reintegrate the lost liquids while staying in the hot environments by drinking water or tea.

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