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Napoli in scena

Housed in the Salone della Biblioteca Lucchesi Palli, the exhibition created through "The theatrical collections of the National Library" is dedicated to the production and theatrical practice in Naples in the nineteenth century, its places and its protagonists. An exhibition of great visual impact and strong iconographic value, with images dedicated to the famous Antonio Petito and his company, along with posters, documents, texts, autographs that make us relive the pulcinellate of the Teatro San Carlino and the atmosphere of the golden season of the Florentine theater under the management of the manager and comedian Adamo Alberti. On that stage they performed the company of Scarpetta and sacred monsters such as Salvini, Tessero, Novelli, Duse, Pezzana, up to arrive, in more recent times at Galli, Ruggeri, Musco, Viviani, Petrolini, Abba.

Date: From December 22nd 2021 to July 30th 2022

Place: Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli “Vittorio Emanuele III” (Victor Emmanuel III National Library)

Address: Piazza Plebiscito 1, 80132 Napoli

Hours: Wednesday 10 am – 1 pm;

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The Art of Contrasts
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