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Mettere al mondo il mondo

The name of the exhibition is inspired by a phrase that the artist Alighiero Boetti made his own in from 1971 onwards, in order to explain and define his way of making art. Instead of create images, building shapes or manufatcuring things, Boetti chose to use the already existing material, "the substance of the world", and then reorganize it, handle it and finally put it back into the world, in the new form of work of art.

For his works, he made use of the most varied objects: postage stamps, maps, pens' ink, up to borrow the language of letters numbers from those of the rivers. Like him, other artists began to collect objects for their works.

Alongside the Alighiero Boetti’s pieces of art, the exhibition also showcases the creations of Terry Adkins, Abbas Akhavan, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Tacita Dean, Jimmie Durham, Jean-Luc Moulène, Betye Saar, Ser Serpas, Arthur Simms, Michael E. Smith and Cecilia Vicuña.

DATE: From October, 4th to December, 23rd 2022 

LOCATION: Thomas Dane Gallery

ADDRESS: Via Francesco Crispi, 69 (1° Floor) 

HOURS: From Tuesday to Friday, Dal martedì al venerdì  dalle 11 alle 13.10 e dalle 14.30 alle 19; Sabato dalle 12 alle 19.

WEBSITE: Exhibitions | Thomas Dane Gallery

The Art of Contrasts
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