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Lawrence Carroll

The exhibition, curated by Gianfranco Maraniello, is the artist's first anthology after his death in 2019.

Lawrence Carroll (Melbourne 1954 - Cologne 2019) was a protagonist of the American art scene and, at the same time, a cosmopolitan interpreter of poetic perspectives that cannot be reduced to the history of the avant-garde and neo-avant-gardes; his work, in fact, is not part of a specific artistic trend, but investigates the very possibility of painting after and beyond the primacy of the schools and theories that dominated the second post-war period.

The exhibition itinerary requires an attempt to match the characteristic way of setting up his exhibitions, which have always favored the spatial and sentimental relationships of inhabiting places over the chronological succession or the thematic compartmentalization of works in paralyzing classifications as Carroll himself has argued, declaring: "In my painting forms are always changing, their very location in space changes, this restlessness of thought and spirit is what in a certain sense makes my works 'alive' and keeps them in motion".

The exhibition is organized with the collaboration of Lucy Jones Carroll for the Lawrence Carroll Archive.


Date: from 25 March to 5 September

Place: Museo Madre

Address: Via Settembrini 79

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10.00-19.30. Sunday 10.00-20.00. The last access is one hour before closing. Closed on Tuesdays

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