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Site specific installations, but also canvases and sculptures, created to interact with each other and with the Renaissance structure of the Cloister of Santa Caterina in Formiello in Naples; 28 artists and artists from all over the world are the protagonists of INTERACTION NAPLES 2022, the first edition of an international exhibition every two years, promoted by the Made in Cloister Foundation and curated by Demetrio Paparoni, who will inhabit the suggestive spaces from 12 March to 17 September 2022 del Chiostro, seat of the Foundation.


The dialogue of the artists with the spaces of the Foundation and with the territory of Porta Capuana has always been at the center of the mission of Made in Cloister and INTERACTION NAPOLI 2022 becomes a new ambitious extension: in a city that has always been global like Naples, in which languages different people confront each other without losing their peculiarities and live together above any conflict, the exhibition tries to convey a precise social, cultural, political and dialogic message.

A good part of the artists, in fact, make the works presented interact with each other, works that start from poetics that are often distant both from a formal and conceptual point of view; therefore, the individual works, albeit an expression of the personal work of each artist, do not want to be perceived individually but in relation to the whole.

“The exhibition proposes the concept of“ action ”combined with those of“ cooperation ”, of“ doing ”, of“ building ”. - says the curator Demetrio Paparoni - The title of the exhibition in fact emphasizes the need to combine "doing" with "building together. INTERACTION NAPOLI has such a marked identity that it cannot be replicated in other spaces, with the same structure and offering the same perception ".

INTERACTION NAPLES 2022 is realized with the contribution of the D&D D'Amico company, in collaboration with the Erri De Luca Foundation and the patronage of the Municipality of Naples.


Date: From 12 March to 17 September

Place: Fondazione Made in Cloister

Address: Piazza Enrico de Nicola 48

Hours: wednesday - saturday 11,00 am-19,00 pm ; sunday 10,00 am -14,00 pm

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