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The great event of the 2021 programming of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples; the exhibition that combines archeology and technology to tell a myth of all times; the scientific project which, without sacrificing methodological rigor, unites Italian and foreign institutions under the aegis of a shared path of knowledge.

There are many ways to define "Gladiators", the exhibition that, presented in digital preview on March 31, is scheduled at MANN until January 6, 2022. The heart of the exhibition are one hundred and sixty finds that, in the Salone della Meridiana, are suggestive pieces of a fascinating research journey in six sections: 1) From the funeral of the heroes to the duel for the dead; 2) The weapons of the Gladiators; 3) From mythical hunting to venationes; 4) Life as a Gladiator; 5) The Amphitheaters of Campania; 6) The Gladiators "everywhere".

An integral part of the itinerary is the technological "seventh section" which, significantly entitled "Gladiatorimania" and concentrated in the New Arm of the Museum, constitutes a real didactic and informative tool to make the various themes of the exhibition.


From 28 April 2021 to 6 January 2022

Place: MANN - National Archaeological Museum of Naples

Address: piazza Museo 19

Hours: every day from 9 to 19.30; Tuesday weekly rest); Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, access will be allowed only with booking, through the websites, and with the dedicated Coopculture app

Official Website:

The Art of Contrasts
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