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Facial Treatments

As there are various types of skin each with specific characteristics, the Dogana del Sale offers face treatments that can respond to different needs.
Our partner brand for facial treatments is Sodashi, a well-established Australian brand, specialized in skin care based on 100% natural products.

At the Dogana del Sale our guests find fantastic treatments that can progressively act against skin aging, marks, wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation and much more.

Lifting Gua Sha Facial

A lifting massage able to detoxify, shape the face, making it luminous, free from wrinkles and imperfections. A regenerating and repairing treatment whose effects are comparable to those of Botox.

60 min. € 150 -
90 min. € 200
Sodashi Thermal Indulgence Facial

A concentration of minerals and natural vitamins. The exclusive "warm infusing Sodashi" mask enhances the absorption of these essential vitamins and minerals. This treatment is customized according to the needs of each type of skin in order to regain hydration, tone, brightness and elasticity. This is definitely much more than a treatment, it’s a natural rejuvenation.

90 min. - € 180
Sodashi Oxygenating Regenerating

A re-mineralizing treatment that oxygenates, tones and restores vitality, for a younger and fresher face, maximizing the benefits of marine plants, Spirulina and Fucus. Ideal for fighting discoloration, signs of aging and environmental damage.

60 min. € 120 -
90 min. € 170
Sodashi Nourishing Revitalizing

Every skin type needs the ultimate care and targeted products, with this Sodashi treatment, the skin will be visibly nourished, hydrated and highly rejuvenated.

60 min. € 120 -
90 min. € 170
Sodashi Nourishing Revitalizing for Men

Man's skin requires a specific treatment, suitable for his sensitive complexion especially after shaving - that brings nourishment, hydration and vitality.

60 min. € 120 -
90 min. € 170
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