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Body Treatments

In collaboration with the Sodashi brand, the Dogana del Sale offers a wide choice of body treatments, designed to meet the needs of each guest.
At the Dogana del Sale you can find what you need: from body scrubs to body contouring treatments, from mud masks to anti-cellulite treatments.


Sodashi Exfoliation Massage with Salts or Jojoba

Restores balance to the body thanks to the application of warm emollient oils, followed by a massage based on mineral salts and plant essences to de-contract and relax tired and aching muscles. Hot body wraps eliminate tension and restore the balance between body and mind.

60 min. - € 130
Body Balance Salt Therapy Exfoliant

This relaxing treatment with exfoliating salts balances and revitalizes the mind and body and helps to remove stress and fatigue after long periods spent traveling.

60 min. - € 130
Sodashi Organic Green Tea Salt Exfoliant

The combination of Sodashi’s organic green tea salt and Himalayan salt crystals, rich in minerals, promotes deep circulation eliminating stress and fatigue. It totally cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Rich in oxidants and vitamins C and E, this blend infuses relaxing, soothing and rebalancing properties.

60 min. - € 130
Sodashi Vanilla Body Exfoliant

This gentle exfoliant revitalizes and moisturizes the skin, restoring vigor to tired and aching muscles. With the active ingredients of sandalwood powder and Australian acacia seeds combined with vanilla and olive oil extract, this treatment is the perfect tonic to relax your mind and body.

60 min. - € 130
Sodashi Jojoba Beads Body Polish

A delicate exfoliation using Sodashi Sinergy plant essences flavored Jojoba pearls. This treatment removes dead cells, at the same time, oxygenates the skin, and it is suitable for the most sensitive skin. As a final touch, the skin is nourished and hydrated with a Sodashi aromatic body treatment, which leaves the skin silky and refreshed.

60 min. - € 130
Sodashi Refining Body Toner

This treatment begins with a smoothing skin scrub based on Sodashi’s Jojoba to exfoliate and cleanse the whole body. Follows a nourishing body mask and an enveloping wrap, to tone, rejuvenate and give a feeling of total relaxation. The Sodashi finishing mask, rich in herbal extracts and French pink clay, compacts, tones and cares for the skin. This rejuvenation treatment is extremely beneficial for regenerating and oxygenating skin imperfections. Very delicate treatment also indicated during pregnancy

80 min. - € 210
Sodashi Detoxifying Marine Body Treatment

Thanks to the use of marine algae and plant extracts, with surprising results, this treatment is totally detoxifying. Exfoliating peeling with Sodashi organic green tea salts, to obtain a soft and revitalized skin. A warm mask based on Sodashi marine extracts is applied followed by an enveloping body wrap. Emollient scalp massage for total relaxation and well-being. To finish the treatment, a rich lotion leaves your whole body regenerated.

80 min. - € 210
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