Summer is around the corner and we already think about the first sunbathing, wishing we could have an enviable tan. A tanned skin gives your face and body a stronger, nicer and charming look obviously, but it is something to handle carefully in order to do not damage your skin, producing wrinkles, accelerating the aging process and to avoid the risk of melanoma and skin cancer. Here you are the three best beauty treatments to prepare your skin for the sun:

  1. PEELING with the SUGAR SCRUB: skin exfoliation by using a delicate and efficient product helps to remove impurity and makes your skin brighter. Brown sugar and Vitamin E smooth and soften the skin, making it more receptive to sunlight in order to make your tan last longer and with a better-looking.
  1. HYDRATION with the MASSAGE WITH COCONUT OIL: in order to improve the skin color naturally, it is useful to use the coconut oil; a remedy used by Polynesian women for a long time. This oil facilitates hydration and skin can be exposed to the sun longer, making it soft and elastic with a homogeneous and golden color.
  1. REGENERATION with the ORCHID MUD THERAPY: during the summer the excessive heat and sunlight are able to get our skin drier. In order to replenish lost fluids and to hydrate the epidermis, the orchid biosaps can help us. The orchid flower is the longest-living flower because it is the only one able to keep freshness and vitality even for 3 months without water, because of its antioxidant and healing benefits. This offer proposes a reminerelazing mask, scented and volcanic, made by orchid, thermal water, cotton extract and grape seed oil. It hydrates, revitalizes and boosts the natural defense system of the skin, fights against pollution damages, absorbs and keeps the water inside the body reinforcing the immune system and improving the skin elasticity.

The SUN-KISSED package includes:

  • Sugar scrub (30 min.)
  • Massage with coconut oil (50 min.)
  • Orchid mud therapy (50 min.)

SUN-KISSED package rate:
Euros 299,00 per person

The above treatments can be purchased separately, as follows:

  • Sugar scrub (30 min.) – €80 per person
  • Massage with coconut oil (50 min.) – €120 per person
  • Orchid mud therapy (50 min.) – €130 per person

Terms and Conditions:
The SUN-KISSED package is valid until August 31st 2018. As a gift voucher, it may be used no later than four (4) months following the date of purchase. Limited availability.

Dogana del Sale is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm (last entry at 6.30 pm).

SPA treatments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Credit Card details to be provided as guarantee at moment of booking. Cancellation or modification deadline is 24 hours prior in order not to incur a 100% penalty charge on the total package rate.


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