A ritual is a set of actions taking place in a certain way, with a certain sequence: these actions, however, if considered individually, would have neither the same meaning nor the same effect.

When talking about health, the ritual is connected to the idea of beauty through body care; not a stereotypical beauty merely referred to the look or appearance but rather a state of mind. Being beautiful means feeling good, at ease with yourself and enjoy a harmony between body and mind.

Therefore SPA rituals, by combining flavors, sensations and sounds, have a positive influence not only on the body but also the mind.

You can cleanse and rejuvenate with the Dogana del Sale ritual, or let yourself go with the Berber Ritual’s sweet moves and aromas.


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Dogana del Sale

The body is entirely exfoliated thanks to a precious scrub made with salt crystals, combined with a shaping and rejuvenating massage made with a moisturizing, delicately fragranced lotion, for a moment of pure sweetness.
This combination gently removes dead skin cells and restores skin elasticity: an express beauty treatment leaving the skin soft and smooth.
60 min. € 160

Berber Body

Exotic ceremony with a kaleidoscope of fragrances for the wellness of body and soul. It consists of 3 phases: scrub massage with Savon Noir, Ghassoul mask and Berber massage. The latter represents the climax in the ritual, with an eastern atmosphere recreated through music and aromas, and a slow, precise motion. The protagonist in Berber massage is the Argan oil, also called liquid gold, which is rich in vitamin E and performs an antioxidant and anti-aging effect.
120 min. € 220

Berber – Face, hands and feet

Based on Argan, this ritual is born from the union between Berber tradition and flavors of Morocco.
It is composed of 2 stages: a treatment with moisturizing, brightening and antiaging effect; and a massage to stimulate specific energy points on hands, face and feet, which favors toxin removal and nutrient absorption in the skin. It is completed with a delicious mint tea.
90 min. € 180

Hands or Feet

Inspired by an ancient Eastern tradition, it consists of a massage with exfoliating, moisturizing and refreshing effect for the wellness of hands and/or feet. It provides tired limbs with softness and nourishment, while leaving the skin pleasantly perfumed.
This ritual ends with a delicate and relaxing massage.
30 min. € 80


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