Relaxation Area

The Relaxation Area at Dogana del Sale is a space dedicated to the mental and physical rest, where you can spend delightful moments with soft lighting and natural sounds, while benefiting from the pleasant warmth and air rich in salt ions.

The intensity of the heat and humidity of the room generate the right conditions to encourage the mineral salt ionization process, so that the Relaxation Area with its Salt Walls is actually a space for halotherapy, with recognized benefits for the respiratory system and more.

While the walls of pink Himalayan salt diffuse a pleasant light, let yourself go with the natural sounds spread by the Harmonic Vibes system, spreading the sound through vibration, like an instrument played live would do.

The Relaxation Area also includes two Chromo-Cylinders: designed by Romeo Design specifically for the Dogana del Sale, these beds feature a shape that surrounds and protects like a hug, while offering scenarios of colorful light for chromotherapy and a screen with relaxing clips.

The Relaxation Area is the perfect spot to allow the body to recover the right temperature after a steam bath or sauna, and to provide a feeling of harmony and serenity.


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