Our Cuisine

A special occasion requires special flavors, and we know this.
We are very proud of our culinary proposal, developed by the Romeo hotel’s Chefs.

For weddings and events, our Chefs proposes a blend of gourmet cuisine and traditional Neapolitan flavors aimed at exalting the taste, and at the same time preserving the elegance, of each course.

Only the very best ingredients are chosen and each combination of flavors is carefully studied to provide an exquisite gastronomic experience.

Whether a buffet or a served meal, either for lunch or for dinner, we are always keen to satisfy our guests’ requests and preferences for specific dishes or ingredients. Our Events Managers and Chefs are ready to develop a custom proposal just for you.


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ROMEO in Love

On the occasion of the Valentine’s Day of the year, the Romeo has thought of lovers, creating unique and unrepeatable experiences just for you.



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