Naples in fashion

From July 7 to 10, 2016 all eyes in the world of fashion are on Naples: the whole city turns into a catwalk, with fashion shows, gala dinners and exclusive events.

As a tribute to the Italian glamour and style, we have created Naples in fashion. We have chosen Sicily as an Italian icon and celebrated it through a number of specials featuring a unique Mediterranean mark.

At the Romeo Bar you may taste the cocktail Italian Summer; at Il Comandante Restaurant the appetizer DNA; the Romeo Pool Bar recommends the delicious smoothie Carretto Siciliano; and Romeo Wellness Dogana del Sale offers some treatments inspired by tipically Italian colors and fragrances.

Save the date! On July 9, do not miss our Sicily Fashion Party, a themed event inspired by the most classic and authentic Sicilian culture, with coppola flat hats and black lace …


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Nero Sicilia - Naples in fashion


An appetizer to turn the Sicilian womens’ classic look into haute cuisine

  • Plum tomato extract with creamed citrus salt cod and Adamas black caviar

€ 30

Estate Italiana - Naples in fashion

Italian Summer

A cocktail to describe Mediterranean sunsets and warm nights

  • Tangerine vodka, Peachtree liqueur, Aperol, Blue Curaçao and pineapple

€ 15

Sicily Fashion Party - Naples in fashion

Sicily Fashion Party

A special themed event with Sicilian drinks, food and music

Dress code: Coppola flat hat for men and black lace for women

Reservation required.

€ 40

Carretto Siciliano - Naples in fashion

Carretto Siciliano

A refreshing smoothie to fight the Italian sizzling heat

  • Ginger, green apple, Saturn peaches and wild fennel

€ 10

Daisy - Naples in fashion


A couple SPA Treatment inspired by daisy soothing properties

  • 60-minute SPA entry
  • 50-minute couple massage with daisy essential oil

€ 180

Lia's Kiss - Naples in fashion

Lia’s Kiss

A couple SPA Treatment featuring sweet, fresh and sensual fragrances

  • 60-minute SPA entry
  • 50-minute couple massage with Sicilian citrus fruits essential oil

€ 180

Mediterranean Garden - Naples in fashion

Mediterranean Garden

An individual SPA Treatment for a golden suntan

  • 30-minute black scrub with lemon essence

€ 60

Taste Of Sicily - Naples in fashion

Taste Of Sicily

An individual SPA Treatment for a bright skin

  • 60-minute SPA entry
  • 40-minute anti-age facial with pure prickly pear oil
  • Fruit smoothie

€ 130


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