Leonardo Da Vinci. The Genius of Rione Sanità

Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition. The Genio del Rione Sanità has been included in the “initiatives of greatest national interest” for the celebrations of the five hundredth anniversary of the Death of Leonardo da Vinci, established at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Italian Government.”… because thanks to its innovative teaching formula, able to project the visitor into an effective Renaissance reality, thanks to the illustration by actors in period costume, who manages to totally involve the visitors, particularly the young generations “…

From December 1st 2018 to June 30th 2019 in the evocative Crypt of the Vincenziano Monumental Complex an interactive exhibition on the life, works and machines of the Genius of Humanity: Leonardo da Vinci.

On display are the machines, handcrafted by the skilled hands of Maestro Mario Paolucci, on original projects by Leonardo da Vinci, both in scale and in natural size and really functional enough to be used.Furthermore reproductions of Leonardo’s masterpieces and codes will be exhibited.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality of Naples and the Municipality 3 – Stella San Carlo at the Arena – Municipality of Naples, allows you to admire different machines invented by Leonardo da Vinci up close and fully functional.

The entire exhibition itinerary is made even more exciting by a suggestive artistic lighting and by the particular illustration by professional actors in period costume, who in the role of Giorgio Vasari or Piero del Verrocchio or Isabella D’Este create the right atmosphere, which allows the visitor at the same time, the appreciation of the place and the spectacularization to it finalized, returning an atmosphere that becomes fatally unique.

A real journey back in time with a guided tour every 45 minutes.


LEONARDO DA VINCI. The Genius of the Rione Sanità

Opening Date: 1-dec-2018
Closing Date: 30-jiu-2019
Schedule: Wen – Sun 10 – 17
Tickets: € 8 full, € 6 under 12, over 65, group over 25 people
For Information: +39 081 8631581  +39 3391888611

Location: Museo Complesso Monumentale Vincenziano

Address: Via Vergini 51

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