Il Comandante Restaurant

“Commander was the epithet of Achille Lauro, the founder of the renowned Lauro Fleet situated in the historic location which is now home to the Romeo Hotel.

The top floor of this avant garde hotel with its harmonious melange of unique, elegant total black decor is the perfect corniche to the unique panorama of the Golf of Naples.

The captain of our cuisine is Chef, Salvatore Bianco, who together with his dynamic brigade creates dishes that delight the palate with the perfect symbiosis of sophistication and simplicity.

Chef Bianco is from nearby Torre del Greco and his evocative culinary touch is both faithful to the very best of Mare Nostrum but is wonderfully enriched with international influences that render his stunning, mouthwatering creations truly unique.

Dining at “Il Comandante” is an unforgettable experience, a true must in the magnificent city of Naples, the City of the Seven Castles …”

Taken from the Michelin Guide


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The Chef

Salvatore Bianco, born in 1978, is the executive chef of Il Comandante, the flagship gourmet restaurant of the Romeo hotel. Originally from Torre del Greco, Chef Bianco dishes are infused with the flavours and aromas of the Gulf of Naples and also reflect his love of marrying ingredients and influences from other cultures and territories.


Chef Bianco’s cuisine is expressed through plates of rare elegance, created with the highest quality ingredients, carefully prepared so as not to alter the original flavours and essences of the raw materials and nutritional value. Research, passion, culture and respect for the land, plus a strong aesthetic, give life to gourmet creations that seduce the eyes and palate, tickle the nose and even the ear.


Il Comandante Restaurant
The fine, inspired, gourmet cuisine by Chef Salvatore Bianco.
From 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

Closed on on Sundays and on Mondays.
Dress code: elegant.

The restaurant will be closed from 14 January to 06 February 2020.



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