Facial Treatments

As everyone’s skin type is different with its own particular nature, at Dogana del Sale we offer a range of facial treatments; after a consultation with one of our therapists, we will suggest the most suitable treatment for you. Our partner for facial treatments is Sodashi, a world-renowned leader in skincare.

At Dogana del Sale, you will find excellent and progressive treatments for aging skin, lines, wrinkles, blocked pores, pigmentation and much more.

SPA Manager beauty tips: it is recommended for men to have a shave before a facial treatment, in order to achieve best results.


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Sodashi Thermal Indulgence Facial

The intensive boost from all of nature’s vitamins and minerals combined with “Sodashi’s warm Infusing Mask” will maximise penetration of all nutrients, essentials, vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate result-driven facial indulgence is tailored to your skins needs in to purify and deeply cleanse, or nourish, to leave your skin hydrated, toned and filled up and it brings back restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance.
90 min. – € 180

Sodashi Oxygenating Regenerating

Using the intelligence of marine plants this facial is rich in Spirulina and Fucus extract to bring radiance and glow to your complexion. Tailored to your unique skin type, it is the perfect treatment to oxygenate, tone and revitalize the skin for a younger and refreshed appearance. It is ideal to avoid dyschromia, sign of aging and environmental damages.
60 min. – € 120 or 90 min. – € 170

Sodashi Nourishing Revitalizing

All skin types require extreme care and appropriate products use. Through this Sodashi treatment, the skin is definitely nourished, revitalized and fresh and with a strong anti-aging effect.
60 min. – € 120 or 90 min. – € 170

Sodashi Nourishing Revitalizing for Men

Men’s skin requires a specific and appropriate treatment for their facial skin type, particularly sensitive especially after shaving. This treatment is ideal to nourish, hydrate and revitalize the skin.
60 min. – € 120 or 90 min. – € 170

Lifting Gua Sha Facial

It is a lifting massage capable of detoxifying, shaping the face, making it luminous, free from wrinkles and imperfections. A regenerating and repairing treatment whose effects are compared to those of Botox.
60 min. – € 150 or 90 min. – € 200


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