Diocesan Museum Of Naples

Largo Donnaregina – Napoli (Na)

The Diocesan Museum of Naples is located in the sacred XVII-century Church of Donnaregina Nuova, a visually striking building that thanks to its outstanding preciousness represents a unique pearl of Naples Baroque Art. The two storey- building covers a surface of nearly 3000 m2 and hosts more than 300 works of art by artists like Francesco Solimena, Luca Giordano, Charles Mellin, Aniello Falcone, Andrea Vaccaro, alongside with liturgical pieces in gold and silver, such as the precious Reliquary Cross of Saint Leonzio.

After long-lasting and accurate restoration works, the Museum has been given the current exhibition set-up following a thematic criteria instead of a traditional chronological one; thus becoming one of the most prestigious and relevant Institutions of the City.

It is strategically located at a walking distance from the Cathedral, close to the port and the railway station and thanks to its cultural activities it turns into a real access gate to Naples old city. Among the many initiatives carried out, we propose guided and bespoke tours to visit the huge heritage of the historical centre of Naples.

The Church of Donnaregina Nuova, until 1928, formed a single building with the Gothic Church of Donnaregina Vecchia; the guided tour “Journey between Gothic and Baroque art” allows to visit the two pearls making a journey into the History of Art.

Hopening hours

The Museum is opened from Mo. To Sat. from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, Su. From 9.30 am to 2 pm Closed on Tuesday


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