Charterhouse And Museum Of San Martino

Largo San Martino, 5 – Napoli T. 081 2294541

Founded in 1325 by Charles of Anjou, Duke of Calabria, on the hilltop that overlooks the entire Bay of Naples, visible from the windows of the ROMEO hotel, the Charterhouse of San Martino has been enriched over the centuries by artistic, historical and architectural heritage of absolute prestige, including marble and stucco, frescoes and paintings, sculptures and precious furniture.

The Neapolitan Republic of 1799 changed his destiny: the friars were accused to have Republican sympathies, and were expelled from the monastery, that after various events, in particular, the Unity of Italy, was definitely closed down. Thanks to the wealth of art treasures and the enchanting position, the monastery has become a favourite destination, since 1500, by writers, scholars and travellers.


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