Caravaggio in Naples

Naples represents a fundamental stage for the life and works of Caravaggio. The intense rendering of passion and instinct in the most iconic paintings made by the master during the Neapolitan period identifies, in the vision of our contemporaries, the style and personality of the Lombard artist, who became more dramatic following the episode of the assassination Roman.

The exhibition explores the painter’s Neapolitan period and the legacy left in the Neapolitan city, fundamental to the constitution of baroque poetry and to the spread of Caravaggio’s naturalism in 17th century European painting.

Caravaggio lived in Naples for a total of 18 months between 1606 and 1610. A fundamental stay for his life and his works, but less known than the period he spent in Rome.

After 15 years from the last exhibition that Capodimonte dedicated to the Lombard master (Caravaggio. The last time 2004) new discoveries and recent international debates will be presented in the exhibition together with the reconstruction of a detailed chrono-biography that will reorganize the literary and documentary knowledge ( published and unpublished) of the period.

Through a rigorous scientific approach, the works of Merisi performed in Naples, coming from the Italian and foreign museums will be compared, including extraordinary loans such as The Flagellation of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen.

The exhibition is therefore a unique opportunity in the panorama of the many exhibition initiatives on the work of Caravaggio, to think about the extreme and fascinating glimpse of the existence of the artist, allowing a greater understanding of his years in Naples and their importance for the development of painting in Italy and in Europe.


Caravaggio Napoli

Opening Date: 12-apr-2019
Closing Date: 14-jul-2019
Tickets: from € 14
For Information: +39 081 7499111

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Location: Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte

Address: via Miano 2

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