Capri and Ischia


The Punta Carena Lighthouse
When islanders want to spend a day at the beach, they head to the Punta Carena lighthouse. In part, that is because it is the farthest spot from the mass tourism; in part, because it is the only beach on Capri that gets sunlight until dusk. In the shade of the lighthouse on the rocky terraces, there are private beach facilities including swimming pool, restaurant and an open area with the possibility to rent sunbeds.

The Bay of Marina Piccola
If you like the idea of spending a day on a beach with view of the famous Faraglioni, you will love the pretty little Marina Piccola – the bay where, according to the legend, Ulysses was seduced by the sirens. Along with Marina Grande, it is the only point in the island where there are actual beaches.
On the sunny South side of the island, sheltered from the wind by a steep wall of rock, the bay is usually warm. In fact, even in mid-winter you might easily spot the locals bathing in the sun (if not in the water!) here. What is the island connoisseurs’ trick? Just get there early and enjoy the day: the sun, even in summer, hides soon in this corner of the island.

I Faraglioni – The Stacks
There are two areas with beach facilities here (limited availability, it is important to reserve) including restaurant, and overlooking the cliffs, an iconic spot of the island. Rocky coast and deep water make this spot not suitable for children.
It lies along the path that starts from the viewing point of Punta Tragara. There is also a boat service from and to Marina Piccola, which makes it perfect for a long day at the seaside in total relaxation, with a spectacular natural and pure scenery.

Marina Grande


Sorgeto Hot Springs
These natural hot springs are one of the biggest attractions in Ischia. The island’s underground volcanic activity bubbles up from beneath and naturally heats a series of rock pools. By climbing down the steps towards a tiny beach in a wonderfully picturesque cove, visitors are able to bathe in a variety of pools, each with slightly different water temperatures. Bathers spend the day at Sorgeto to enjoy what is effectively a natural jacuzzi which soothes and massages the body to ease aches and pains. Be aware that there are many steps and you may be puffing a little bit by the time you reach the bottom, but what better way to rest than in one of the relaxing thermal pools!

The Bay of Cartaromana
Cartaromana is a small but pretty beach with fantastic views of Castello Aragonese, featuring fine sand, crystal sea and a seabed rich in fauna and archeology: at about 8 meters on the seabed, actually, are the traces of the ancient city of Aenaria. The erosion has reduced the beach, but it is still possible to enjoy the sun on the black rocks. The main characteristic of this beach is the warm bath, result of the hot springs, which visitors may enjoy in the rock pools. In this part of the island, you may admire a beautiful sunrise between the shapes of the castle and the rocks.

The village of Sant’Angelo
Ancient fishing village, today it is charming destination for Ischia tourism. A true gem with its narrow streets, tiny square, perched houses leaning against each other, their balconies overlooking the harbor and a strip of land that connects the village to an islet, which is the tip of two bays: Maronti and Cava Grado Bays. Both the heart of the village and its surroundings host many hot springs, making Sant’Angelo one of the most important thermal sites in Ischia. Is is lovely to spend a day at the seaside on the tiny beach or on the islet’s rocks.


Cava Grado Beach
Citara Beach
Chiaia Beach


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