Blub. Art is swimming

His gentle art colors the streets of cities, looking for forgotten corners to portray icons of all times, re-proposed with the diving mask: from the Venus by Botticelli to Andy Warhol, from Giuseppe Verdi to David Bowie, from Leonardo da Vinci to Marcello Mastroianni , there are many characters who, between reality and fiction, were represented by street artist Blub.

Determined not to reveal his identity to the public, Blub made an incursion into the historic center of Naples and his unmistakable creative imprint did not go unnoticed. In the exhibition “Art knows how to swim”, curated by the artist Carla Bru and journalist Maria Paternostro, scheduled at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples from 29 May to 31 August: Blub creates some original works, which interact with the finds of the MANN, accompanying the visitor in an underwater dimension with blurred colors; trait d’union of works is the primordial element of water, which defines the suggestions of an unknown Sappho, plays with a submarine version of Terentius Neo and his wife, makes some masterpieces of ancient statuary contemporary.

In this way, the Sala del Plastico in Pompeii becomes a real immersive scenario, in which the site-specific installation and the video of the artist, with a particular sound effect created thanks to the director Riccardo Sansone, allow the visitor to dive , literally, in an evocative dimension in balance between past and present.

“Although we can find ourselves in a sea of difficulties, in life we always have the resources to learn to swim. Art is one of these resources, “comments Blub,

“Water is my element. Life comes from water, it is the hidden side of matter. When you are immersed, the moment stops and there is no weight, while thoughts flow into a suspended dimension. For this reason, I propose the characters who have transmitted an example of greatness that can survive even today, right under the water, without time”.


Blub. Art is swimming

Opening Date: 29-may-2019
Closing Date: 31-ago-2019
Schedule: Mer – Lun 9 – 19:30
Tickets: € 15 full, € 2 reduced.
For Information: +39 081 4422 149

Location: MANN – Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

Address: piazza Museo 19

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