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From manicure to coiffeur, from face cleansing to epilation: Dogana del Sale offers the services of a beauty salon inside of a five-star hotel.

Our professional staff are dedicated to providing you with not only the finest beauty treatments available, but also unparalleled personal service to make every moment you spend at Dogana del Sale a wonderful experience.


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Storz Cellactor

Designed for shockwave therapy, this machine uses the energy of acoustic waves to treat cellulite, scars and oedemas lastingly and effectively. The acoustic waves, actually, alter the pressure on the tissue, thus activating the metabolic process and stimulating the lymphatic system. The skin appearance improves; grooves are visibly reduced; skin elasticity increases by 100%.
1 session € 200 (60 min.)
10 sessions package € 1600
Massages and Cellactor package € 600
(3 anti-cellulite massages and 3 Cellactor sessions)

Facial Cleansing

50 min. € 80

Cosmetic pedicure with nail polish applic.

30 min. € 55

Therapeutic pedicure

60 min. € 85

Cosmetic manicure with nail polish applic.

30 min. € 40

Nail polish application

20 min. € 25

Hair Removal – Total

starting from € 120

Hair Removal – Partial

starting from € 50

Hair Removal – Small areas

starting from € 20

Hands or Feet ritual

Inspired by an ancient Eastern tradition, it consists of a massage with exfoliating, moisturizing and refreshing effect for the wellness of hands and/or feet. It provides tired limbs with softness and nourishment, while leaving the skin pleasantly perfumed.
This ritual ends with a delicate and relaxing massage.
30 min. € 80


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