The collective dedicated to the underground artistic movement, which will take place at the PAN Museum in Naples from 23 December to 16 February 2020, is called “Banksy and (post) street art”.

The PAN Museum, which has always been a point of reference for the diffusion of contemporary art, has already addressed in 2015, with the exhibition “Shepard Fairey #OBEY”, the delicate theme of street art as an artistic expression in all respects, in on this occasion the curator Andrea Ingenito proposes to the public a broader story, which comes to life from the most discussed artist of the moment Banksy, to then move on to the exuberant and colorful Mr. Brainwash and Obey’s works which are inserted as links between the first two rooms, to then conclude the speech with the Italian Mr. Savethawall.

The choice to open the path with Banksy is not accidental, in addition to being one of the main protagonists of the current artistic scenario, it has a particular link with the city of Naples. His first mysterious appearance in the city dates back to 2010 with the murals (later unfortunately vandalized) representing the Ecstasy of Santa Teresa, after a while there was the stencil in Piazza dei Girolamini called the “Madonna with the gun”, the first traces – and until recently the only ones – of the English graffiti artist in Italy. It does not seem to be a coincidence that he immediately chose Naples to sign the cradle of art par excellence in his own way. Just as “Banksy – thought” imposes, Neapolitan culture also makes irony and irreverence its personal response to what it considers injustices on the part of the system.

Through a group of about 70 works from private collections and foreign Italian galleries, a video room and a selfie room, the artistic phenomenon of the moment is told, with all the contradictions and continuous questions that their protagonists deliberately reserve to the viewer.



Opening Date: 23-Dec-2019
Closing Date: 16-Feb-2020
Schedule: Everyday 9:30am -7:30pm
For Information: +39 081 7958601
Location: PAN – Palazzo delle Arti Napoli

Address: via dei Mille, 60

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