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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.


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The Michelin Star

The Michelin Star
Year 2012. A new star shone in the firmament of Italian haute cuisine: il Comandante, Romeo hotel’s restaurant in Naples, guided by the Executive Chef Salvatore Bianco, wins the Michelin Star-the most prestigious international gastronomic award- thanks to its products choice, cuisine personality, cooking techniques and price and quality performance.

Associazione de Le Soste

Associazione de Le Soste
Year 2016. Il Comandante restaurant cuisine becomes a part of the prestigious Associazione de Le Soste which portrayed it, using The Executive Chef Bianco’s own words, “with a Neapolitan heart but able to be open to ideas, passion and emotions. A proper journey to experience with the city and the community”.

Laudemio Award

Laudemio Award
Year 2017. Salvatore Bianco wins “Laudemio Award 2017”, an itinerant contest that reached several Italian cities. The recognition assigned to the chef and his team, awards an appealing composition characterized by high and skillful tones, expression of a strong personality cuisine.

Identità Golose Guide

Identità Golose
Year 2017. Mario Vitiello wins the “Best Maître of the Year” award according to the Identità Golose Guide 2018: a very important recognition which awards the best service of the year, able to satisfy guests’ expectations and needs.

Milan, Identità Golose 2018

Identità Golose 2018
Salvatore Bianco and his Human Factor: the human relations, on the chef as a person, together with all those working in the kitchen and dining room, on connection with the customer and, before that, with artisans and suppliers.

ROMEO in Love

On the occasion of the Valentine’s Day of the year, the Romeo has thought of lovers, creating unique and unrepeatable experiences just for you.




Is called “Banksy and (post) street art” the collective dedicated to the underground artistic movement.



Santiago Calatrava

Four hundred works by Santiago Calatrava reach Naples, the Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte.



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