The design according to Naples

April is the month dedicated to the design and Milan Furniture Fair indeed, but the trend has recently involved also the city of Naples, where is emerging a new contemporary reality to discover and promote, before it will be available to anyone!

Furniture and creativity invaded the Neapolitan city: between the smells of the sfogliatelle and the irresistible temptation of the first spring tan, it is necessary to schedule a tour of locations where design meets the handcrafted art tradition and where enchanting artistic projects are created.

Naples gets rich with modern creativity expressions, according with the “O sole mio” style, through unmissable galleries: firstly, Lia Rumma Gallery, a proper reference point for those ones who are passionate about contemporary art, a gallery-house-museum owned by one of the most tireless and famous gallerists of the world; Trisorio Studio Gallery, which is always looking for innovative trends.

We have also Fonti Gallery, with its innovative realities, or Made in Cloister space, built in 2012 in order to restore a renaissance Cloister, which is today an active protected oasis dedicated to homemade and contemporary art.

Design passionate ones will consider Casa Brutta a space where they can find new style alchemies, far from the classic style, by combining recovery, artisanship, Nordic minimalism and industrial design.  Riot Studio is an eclectic space dedicated to new, experimental and independent ideas, a sort of secret garden in the historical heart of the city where, between ancient frescoes and modernity touches, are combined art exhibitions with design laboratories, workshops, meetings and projects dedicated to multifaceted contemporary creativity.

Along with these ones, we can find also new locations able to read the cultural heritage, rich of suggestions and passions, which characterizes the Neapolitan scene: such as Ayala space, an independent art and design gallery which is always looking for new young talents able to communicate the Neapolitan warmth.

Paola Grande jewels boutique, a creative and artisanal factory that, over the generations, kept high standards of innovation and tradition through unique pieces creation in order to have a touch of Naples.

Moreover, local ateliers where you can find artists and designers at the workplace such as the interior designer Franco della Femmina studio and the photographers Luciano Ferrara and Luciano Romano. Otherwise you can admire the Marisa Albanese installations – video or not – the recurring-motif panels painted by Sergio Fermariello, Mariangela Levita wall paintings …

And to finish in relaxation, let’s go to HBTOO, an open space which combines food with music and new expression forms, to have a chat about the artistic and cultural zeitgeist and to discover the most futuristic design productions.


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