The chocolate sphere

Ingredients for 4 servings:

For the banana mousse:
50 g white chocolate
13 g milk
94 g mashed banana
2 g gelatine
3 g tamarind
125 g semi-whipped cream

Melt the white chocolate, warm up the milk and add the gelatin – previously soaked in cold water. Combine the milk with the mashed banana and tamarind, and then pour over the chocolate. Add the semi-whipped cream, pour into molds and put it in blast chiller.

For the hibiscus sauce:
100 g water
20 g sugar
5 g hibiscus

Mix sugar and water and bring to 90 °. Add the hibiscus and let steep until cool.

For the chocolate sphere:
100 g dark chocolate 85%

Temper the chocolate and pour it into molds, creating chocolate hemispheres. Complete the dish by placing the hibiscus extract on the bottom; overlay the chocolate hemisphere first and then place the banana mousse on top. Close with the other half and decorate with edible gold and sorrel leaves.


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