Shopping in Naples: the signature shopping for a super cool summer

Naples is not just a city. Naples is a way to live, to conceive time, to think about the past and to look forward … thanks to a respectable carnet d’adresse able to make shopping an unforgettable experience.

A unique way to discover what the modern Naples can offer.
The list is long: pioneering boutiques, workshops, multifunctional spaces where to find exclusive, stylish and design items through a short tour of the best Neapolitan fashion shops for those who are looking for a strong and unique style. Small spaces, more or less from niche industry, created by entrepreneurs that, with their taste, have created proper salons where it is possible to find clothes and accessories by the most famous brands next to new stylists’ purposes.

We can start from the… bottom! At Deliberti shop it is easy to buy shoes and bags by the most famous brands: from the must have items seen on the worldwide catwalks to the it shoes to buy immediately in order to have the hottest model of the season. Talking about shoes, impossible not to mention the famous Neapolitan designer Ernesto Esposito whose proposals are a mix of originality, creativity and, above all, are comfortable to climb over the “fashion’s heights” without suffering!

Into the streets rich of clubs, do not miss Nennapop shop, whose hippie chic windows characterized by a Central Europe mood and sparkly colorful lights, hide interesting brands from niche industry combined with a glamourous taste interpreted in a unique way, with a ‘70s and bonton style. Moreover, around there are vintage shops where to find precious stylish items to wear!

Creativity in a Neapolitan way is the one that distinguishes Livio de Simone and his colors inspired by Capri Island, becoming proper protagonists. From 1970 until today, he never loses his strength thanks to a young team who draws and projects fabrics combined with a pret à porter pottery collection. Pure avant-garde is the one that guides the brands at Anna-Li shop, unconventional boutique able to link Naples with the main fashion cities thanks to super trendy jeans and fancy outfits, attractive accessories, original details and elegance able to satisfy any fashion needs.

For those who are looking for a street style signed by Naples, the inevitable stop is at Yo Soy Feliz: an unmistakable happiness explosion characterized by the iconic cow face mark coming out from hoodies and t-shirts, skirts and colorful dresses whose prints recall the Mediterranean and Latin countries warm colors.

Unmissable is the stop by those who made the city of Naples a center of a royal and a bit blasé elegance, obviously: who does not know Marinella brand, famous for its awesome ties and, during the last years, creator of items which became a cult for the gentlemen 2.0? Without forgetting Rubinacci and Isaia accurancy, the elegance of Grassia and Cesare Attolini… you just have to choose!

The shopping session can be concluded in a magical place where you can make deals but without forgetting your finances: it is the Reggia Designer Outlet in Caserta, just a few miles far from the Neapolitan capital. During the month of June, it will be the center of an unmissable appointment that celebrates the city. We are talking about Napoli Timeless|2018 Exibition, a photo exibition by Giuseppe di Vaio, a signature journey into the private history of the one of the most charming place of the world: an occasion to combine art with pleasure!


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