Shellfish… inside and outside

Ingredients for 4 servings

4 shellfishes (80g each)
120g stale bread
20g black olives
20g dried tomatoes
200g eggplants
100g less salted soy


Clean the shellfishes, which must be fresh, put aside their offal and vacuum pack them with oil and denatured sea water. Let bake in a bain- marie for 5 minutes.

Put oil, garlic and chili pepper in a pan and add the offal, after having taken off the guts; let bake everything for few minutes and add fish broth, stale bread and minced olives and tomatoes. After having add the salt, let everything get cold. Prepare aside the eggplants sauce: fry the eggplants and marinate them with salt for almost 10 minutes, blend everything with an immersion mix and add, if you need, more fish broth. Stuff the shellfish with the filling, put it in a plate with the eggplants and garnish with broccoli leaves, seasoned with vinegar and serve.


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