Santa Claus: Naples holidays atmosphere between traditions, Christmas village and markets, and the “presepe”, of course!

Traditionally Christmas in Naples is like a suspended temporal space between laical and profane, spirituality and daily life, prayer and irony: all of these aspects coexist harmoniously in the Neapolitan city.

The symbol of all of this, it is the Presepe – or Presepio, or also o’ presebbio – (the nativity scene) whom origin dates back twenty-four centuries with the firsts terracotta figures, which were used to be donated in honour of the Goddess of Abundance. The same figures that, today like yesterday, are created in the Neapolitan streets which are located all around the famous area called San Gregorio Armeno, the pulsing heart of Christmas holidays, from where starts the ideal tour in order to discover the authentic Neapolitan Christmas!

Walking through the streets adorned with the presepe’s artisans stands who show their handmade creations enriched, year after year, of new characters; just here, you can discover the right mix of irony and theatricality which a real Neapolitan live with. In order to be deeply involved with the magic and enter, literally, in the Christmas world, you do not miss the Christmas village, the village that will compete this year with all the other ones from the capitals in the Northern Europe, to guest Santa Claus comme il faut!

Let’s Napoli Christmas Village in Municipio Square! A multitude of small houses decorated like the real Nordic tradition, full of typical products and Christmas objects, which hide a small village of Elves that will excite the kids turning them into a Santa Claus helpers, and letting them play with games and music.

Synonym of gifts and surprises, Christmas find in Naples and in its enchanted markets the main reason of its existence: start with the inevitable Mercato Meraviglia, an original independent design festival located in the less – touristy area of Montesanto, and end with the historical Mercatino Bacoli, in the heart of the city, which welcomes thousands of visitors ready to be fascinated with objects and original items to put under the Christmas tree. A special Christmas tree,

N’Albero, which enlights the Lungomare with a special building of 30 meters tall and with 1300 multicolor led lights with inside a bar – restaurant too. A special occasion to live the city with a spirit and a magical atmosphere: lights, colors, music and taste will be your perfect journey company to discover the Neapolitan Christmas face.


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