Relaxing orchid footbath

When we think about summer with its warm days, we want to take our shoes off immediately wearing sandals … this is the reason why we must have perfect and beautiful feet. How? It is very simple!

In order to show perfect and beautiful feet – and before of applying any summer nail polish colors – you should remember to give them relief with a relaxing orchid footbath. The footbath is an unmissable cuddle and it is very important for your daily beauty routine: 10 min. of feet and ankles immersion in a bowl of water are enough to relax and restore blood flow.

The first thing to do is to regulate water temperature: warm water make your feet softer and it is useful for calluses and corns, to relax if you suffer from cramp, congestion. Cold water gives you vitality, refreshing the feet and improves blood flow, instead. The better choice is to alternate the two different temperatures, like the Kneipp concept. In other words, you should immerse your feet alternately in warm water for 5 minutes and in cold water for other 5 minutes.  It is very important to dissolve some backing soda and some drops of orchid essential oil in water.

Meanwhile, you can make your experience more intense putting some orchid petals in water and drinking an aromatic tea. When you finish the footbath, get your feet perfectly dry, in order to avoid the risk of foot bacterial and fungus between toes. Now you can nourish and moisturize your feet skin with a lotion, leaving it on for 5 minutes, massaging until completely absorbed. Shea Moisture body lotions can be very helpful thanks to its softener, emollient and protective benefits and to Vitamin E and natural fats contained in it.

File your nails, a final touch of color and summer is already here!


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