Reinforcement Salad

Ingredients for 6 servings:
1 Cauliflower (a mid-size one) 800 g
Pickled peppers (or papaccelle) 100 g
Green olives 100 g
Black olives 100 g
Pickled capers 50 g
Gherkins 50 g
Anchovies in oil 60 g
Extra virgin olive oil 30 g
Red wine vinegar q.s.
Salt q.s.

Remove the olives stones and drain the excess of oil, cut the gherkins in stripes, rinse shortly the pickled peppers and put aside. Cut the cauliflower into florets and boil, but not too much because they should be crispy, in salted water. Put the cauliflower aside to cool.

When the cauliflower is cold put it in a bowl and add all the ingredients. Then, sprinkle the white vinegar, mix well and serve.

It is advised to eat the reinforcement salad when is ready but it can be stored for a couple of days into an airtight container and be kept in the fridge.


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