Red hawaiian salt and sweet almond oil scrub

Legend has it that the red Hawaiian salt was born from the union of seawater and red clay, more precisely as a result of a typhoon that made the rivers swell, thus dragging the red clay towards the coasts. After the tides, the clay was deposited along the coast and, by blending with the seawater, it gave birth to this coral red salt.

Red Hawaiian salt
Sweet almond oil

To create a scrub yourself with these precious products, add the grains of salt – easily available on the market – with the almond oil and mix.

Take a hot shower, in order to soften the body skin and make the exfoliation less aggressive.

Apply on already wet skin using circular movements, paying attention to massaging from the ankles upwards. Insist more on the points where the skin is thicker, such as elbows, knees and feet.

Repeat the application, and leave the scrub effecting for about 5 minutes.

Rinse in the shower (do not use too scented soaps that may irritate the skin), then dry your skin and massage with your usual moisturizer.

To add a touch of originality and holiday atmosphere, you may prepare and use the scrub in large shells.

Do not exfoliate delicate parts such as face and eye area, as well as areas with abrasions, bruises or open wounds.


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