Ragù 9850: Tradition according to the executive chef Salvatore Bianco

The first no-meat ragout that, thanks to a Japanese trick studied and proposed by the Executive Chef Salvatore Bianco, with an eye to the tradition and one to the contamination, recreates the flavors of the territory in an innovative way. Are you ready to light the fire?

Ingredients for the sauce:

300 g beef bones
800 g S. Marzano tomatoes
200 g tomatoes concentrate
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste


Toast the bones in the oven for about 40 minutes in a perforated pan, then transfer them to a high pot, pouring over the tomatoes previously passed in the vegetable mill. Add salt, tomatoes concentrate and cook for about 5/6 hours. Next, separate the bones from tomatoes, let them cool and let them rest in the fridge for 12 hours. Remove the surfaced fats from the tomatoes and mix with the liquid base, to reproduce the intense flavor of the Neapolitan sauce (30 g for about 300 g of tomato sauce).

Ingredients for soya liquid base:

20 g sweet and sour sauce
30 g soy
5 drops tabasco
15 g dashi broth
10 g miso
5 g shiitake mushrooms powder
10 g seaweed kombu
1 roasted onion


Mix all the ingredients and then pour them on hot onion. Leave the seaweed infused in a very hot steel container, allowing it to rest for about one night. Then, filter and set aside.

In conclusion:

Cook the pasta in salted water, drain and stir in the sauce, adding some hand-chopped basil. Finally, serve with a sprinkling of cheese.


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