Pre-tanning Peeling

As summer approaches, in order to get ready for a perfect and long-lasting tan, it is necessary to have a body scrub. Thanks to vegetable oils and grains such as salt, sugar or apricot kernels, this treatment allows exfoliating skin mechanically.

A scrub actually helps cleanse, tone and deeply purify the skin, thus leaving it soft, smooth and hydrated. In addition, if performed regularly, it works for eliminating those annoying ingrown hairs and, if carried out before sun exposure, for keeping the tan longer.

There are several scrubs on the market, but here is a secret to make very good one at home. An easy, natural recipe, which requires simple ingredients to find.

Sugar Cane Scrub

Brown sugar
Extra-virgin olive oil

In a bowl combine the sugar and oil, then mix.

Take a hot shower, in order to soften the body skin and make the exfoliation less aggressive.

Apply the scrub with hands in circular motion, paying attention to massaging from the ankles upwards. Insist more on the points where the skin is thicker, such as elbows, knees and feet.

Repeat the application, and leave the scrub effecting for about 5 minutes.

Rinse in the shower (do not use too scented soaps that may irritate the skin), then dry your skin and massage with your usual moisturizer.

The skin will instantly look more beautiful, clean and soft to touch. You may repeat the scrub every 15 days.

Do not exfoliate delicate parts such as face and eye area, as well as areas with abrasions, bruises or open wounds.


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