Picasso Mania in Naples

A rich carnet of events started with the opening of the double exhibition “Picasso in Naples: Parade” at Capodimonte and Pompeii (until July 10th). You can see the most important painting of Picasso, the curtain Parade, inspired by his interest in circus world: a selection of drawings, paintings and a marionette theatre – as evidence of the Neapolitan stay, a prove also of artist evolution and creative process, also testified by the creation of the costumes designed for the ballet and showed up at the Antiquarium of Pompeii.

Celebrations of Picasso’s journey will take place throughout the entire summer with a rich program of local and non- local events: concerts in San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, screenings in San Carlo Theatre and ballets in Pompeii. An adventure in the heart of the creative genius who was influenced by city of Naples for his creative evolution which will mark the beginning of Surrealism.

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