Neapolitan Struffoli

Ingredients for 10 servings:

600 g flour
4 eggs + 1 yolk
2 tbs sugar
80 g butter
1 small glass of limoncello or rhum
1/2 grated lemon zest
A pinch of salt
Oil or lard to fry

To flavor and to decorate:

400 g honey
Colored sugar sprinkles (called “diavulilli” in Naples)
Cinnamon candies
100 g candied orange
100 g candied citron
50 g candied pumpkin (“cucuzzata”)


Place the flour on work surface, knead it with eggs, butter, sugar, the grated lemon zest, a small glass of rum and a bit of salt. Obtained a homogeneous dough, give it a shape of a ball and let it rest for half an hour; then knead again briefly and divide it into large bullets like oranges, rolling them on the floured work surface, obtain a lot of sticks one finger thick; cut them in small pieces in order to arrange them tiddly on a floured towel. When you have to fry, shake them thus to eliminate the excess flour.

Fry a small amount of few pieces a time in hot oil: take them out when they are puffy and golden, not particularly bright, drip the extra oil and let them dry on a kitchen paper towel. Melt the honey (bain marie) in a big saucepan, take it off from the fire and add the fried struffoli, blending all together until they are full of honey. Put in the saucepan half of the candies and half of the candied fruits cut in small pieces, and blend again.

Take a big plate and put in the middle an empty glass can- in order to create the shape with the hole in the middle – and arrange the struffoli all around it, in order to have a doughnut shape. Then, with the honey still hot, take the rest of candies and the candied fruits and spread them on the struffoli in order to have a beautiful effect. When the honey will be solid, take off the empty glass can from the middle of the plate, and serve.


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