Naples and its veiled secrets

Naples, the city that never reveals itself, is the most important protagonist of Ferzan Ozpetek new movie “Veiled Naples”, explored from an unusual angulation and evoked by baroque, decadent and dark details, through which takes place a love and mystery story, hanging between life and death. A film that becomes something to start from, in order to discover an itinerary guided by a new curiosity – veiled, of course – and to know places and secrets kept by the Neapolitan city for centuries.

“Veiled Naples” is a noir movie linked to the heart of Mediterranean culture, to its magic and deep voices. The director never leaves out any esoteric and dionysian marks of the city, from Sansevero Chapel, which keeps the famous Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino to “Pharmacy of Incurabili”, where a sewn female uterus sculpture is prominent and holds a trapped vital energy. The movie talks about an exceptional beauty: as it happens with the marble sculptured at Sansevero Palace, which reveals more than you can imagine; or the passageways, which can connect with San Severo Prince’s stable, where Lello Esposito holds the soul of the city through his Pulcinellas. Mysteries, secrets and ghosts.

In the movie, there is also fear, indeed. This fear is a piece of the city past history and present, from which you can start to discover the most genuine soul narrated by its mysteries.

Is it true that the Devil of Mergellina was commissioned in order to exorcise an impossible love story? Did the Graal come through Soccavo? Are Templars marks those ones under the Neapolitan ground? Which is the premonition behind the Maradona’s number 10? And what Pulcinella’s secret, Virgin Mary’s shoe and blessed triangle hide? Naples is a city characterized by a lot of light and dark contrasts and hides and reveals elusive mysteries: Greek, Alexandrine, Roman, French, Spanish memories melt together in order to offer a different and strongly emotional prospective, made by tabernacles on the way, skulls (capuzzelle) kept inside charnel houses and beautiful “veiled” statues faces.

In Naples you can experience, touch, eat mysteries like demons and angels around a pot of boiling ragout, or basil leaves used to keep away death and heads of garlic the evil eye.

A seducing itinerary to build up, which starts from Piazza del Gesù Nuovo hieroglyphics – which are located into a pentagram characterized by a celestial melody- to the breathtaking Christ wanted by Sansevero, going through Isis Egyptian mysteries, linked to Marechiaro at Posillipo Roman Villa ruins.  And then Napoli Sotterranea (Naples Underground) kilometric tunnels, caves and walks which look like a proper initiation journey.

Religion and science, paganism and Christianity, superstition and rationality: a perfect mix that characterizes an undiscovered city with an unveiled eye.


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