Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

The Hawaiian massage is an ancient tradition massage adopted in the past by the shamans Kahuna, as treatment for restore the soul and a good luck ritual. It was performed by singing and dancing at the rhythm of Hawaiian music and it was considered as an act of self-love and love to others.

The massage elements are 4: breath, dance, touch and music.

At our Luxury SPA Dogana del Sale, the Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian massage let our guest live an emotional journey: the therapist’s hands move slowly and gently like the Ocean waves, while the Hawaiian music hypnotizes and induces a state of calm and peace.

In the end… you will be contaminated by a sense of positivity and optimism!

According to the rules of holistic philosophy whereby the body cannot be happy if it is tense, the attention is focused on the joints through extensions and operations, using therapist’s hands and forearms. Thanks to these manoeuvres, the mind empties out, the body relaxes, the swinging and the final cuddles envelop the body into state of total relaxation.

In order to have smoother manoeuvers, there is on the massage table a well-oiled foil, which – thanks to the treatment cabin peaceful atmosphere, selected music, and particular scents – evoke exotic Tahitian beaches.
Moreover, this kind of massage gives benefit to lymph, circulatory, respiratory and muscular system.

If you are ready to live this adventure and still to dream of holidays, the Hawaiian massage is the right choice for you… Aloha!




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