Legs in the foreground

The increasing of the temperature makes easier to feel bothered by some leg discomfort, characterized by a spread sense of bloating and heaviness, and the reason is really simple: the leg vessels have to contrast the gravity force in order to pump the blood from the bottom to the top of our body, and at the same time, calf muscles act together with arteries, like pumps that push the blood from the veins towards the upper side of our body. An unstoppable cycle that often, also for genetic reasons, becomes more difficult because of the low veins elasticity that blocks the proper blood circulation.

Therefore, during the day, when people stand or stay seated for a long time, the blood can become stagnant in the veins, and they start dilatating and filling up with edema; as time goes by this can cause the well-known varicose veins,

big and blue underneath ramifications, that arouse that unpleasant sensation of legs  heaviness.

A problem that it is not only aesthetic but also connected to our health, because the stagnation of liquids triggers the aging cellular process and the vessels breakdown, even of the healthy capillaries that stand under very elastic veins.

The expanded capillaries, instead, can be synonymous of varicose veins even bigger but not visible with bare eyes. Hence, let us keep them monitored, through a deepen ultrasound check-up.

Here following our tips:

  • It would be appropriate to wear compressive socks that intervene against varicose veins forming process;
  • Absolutely forbidden wearing tight socks and trousers;
  • Absolutely forbidden leg-crossing (it is poison for the veins!);
  • It is recommended not to stay seated for long, but it is necessary to be on the move and to train the calves at any available moment (swimming and cycling are ideal for this);
  • Before sleeping, the best thing to do is lifting the legs, supported by a pillow, to contribute to the return of venous blood to the heart, avoiding the liquid stagnation;
  • It is better not to expose the legs to a very high heat, for example soaking up the sun during the hottest hours or bathing in very hot water;
  • Depilation with hot waxing is not adequate for people who suffer varicose veins;
  • OK to the SPA…with Kneipp treatment and massages.

Kneipp is a hydrotherapeutic treatment composed by two tubs full of water set at different temperature because the cold-hot effect improves the lymphatic circulation and activates the blood vessels.

For a beneficial use of Kneipp it is advisable to walk slowly, alternating hot and cold water for a minimum lapse of 15 min., being careful to start from the warm area to the cold one.

The thermal shock, triggered by the immersion at different temperatures, stimulates the circulatory and the immune system: while the immersion in the hot water creates a sensation of relaxation, the touch with the cold-water tones up and restores the organism.

Massages / treatments for circulation are very helpful, but they do not have to be very energetic: it is necessary to rely on people who are experts; otherwise, the risk of making the symptoms even worse is high.

It is important to schedule a treatment cycle, minimum 12 sessions, in order to see real benefits, like the treatment Legs in the foreground, recommended by the Luxury Spa Dogana del Sale” to enjoy a massage that combines the essential oils properties to remove the bloating and the heaviness of lower limbs.


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