How to make your home scented and paceful with wise men essences

When we refer to incense, myrrh and gold everybody thinks about Wise Men gifts brought to the Baby Jesus in order to celebrate his birth: in ancient times these goods were more valuable and precious because was very difficulty to have them.

In order to use these ancient magic essences properties, we have a “do it yourself” recipe of the month, through which you can catch the historical gifts legend in order to create a special atmosphere during the holidays.

How? The myrrh essential oil used for the Aromatic massage and the incense scent in the air will make your home a cosy, enjoyable and an ideal place for your relaxing moments.

The incense and the myrrh, natural resins, have healing and anti- inflammatory effects and are similar to each other because of their origin, extraction, properties and, above all, for the excellent fragrance.

The myrrh, powerful harmonizing, is useful to balance the spiritual world with the material one and is able to give strength and optimism making ourselves ready to receive energy and love from other people. Without forgetting that help you to sleep like a baby!

A few drops of myrrh essential oil combined with almond oil is a perfect  healing product and is helpful against eczema, skin cracking, wrinkles and scars. If it is inhaled is a powerful expectorant and a valuable remedy against the cough and the upper respiratory tract infections.

In order to enjoy its beneficial effects, warm up the oil and apply on wet skin after a bath or a shower, or on dry skin with gentle and slow maneuvers.

The myrrh essential oil is not abrasive, does not cause sensitization and in low doses, is not toxic. However, it is not advisable to use it during pregnancy.

In order to help the physiological relaxation, the meditation and the spiritual exercises, it is advisable to light some incenses. The incense has always been used during holy ceremonies because is able to cause an inner calm condition and encourages the prayer; its inhalation is able to help against depressing, anxiety and anguish state.

On the market there are several varieties, in stick or in grain forms, but it is recommended to use the ones of natural origin. For firing the incense it is advised to use a proper incense burner that makes the scent spreading homogeneously.

In this way, we can have a scented and purified atmosphere at home in order to make your guests feel welcome!


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