Grapes: true elixir for hair beauty

From October our tables are enriched with a new tasty fruit: grapes. White or black grapes are rich in many healthful useful virtues, even in phytotherapy and cosmetics sectors: grapes have, revitalizing properties and are rich in antioxidant polyphenols indeed; while grape seed oil, which is extracted by cold pressing seeds, fights aging, the visible effects of free radicals and the damage caused by natural elements (sun, sunburn, wind, cold). This oil applied on the skin, it promotes firming, invigorates and stimulates the capillary microcirculation and is great to use for different types of massage, because it is easily absorbed by the skin without greasing, nourishing and moisturizing it in depth.

The grape seed oil, available in pharmacies and herbal medicine, it is also excellent for stressed and damaged hair from excessive sun exposure: a real beauty elixir that reinvigorates dry and brittle hair, fighting its electricity and its dry hair effects.


Heat the oil in a double boiler, so use it slightly warm. Apply it with your hands on wet hair, paying more attention to the ends. Leave on for at least one hour, wrapping your hair with a shower cap. Rinse and proceed with your regular shampoo. This natural method can be repeated every two weeks. For wavy hair, it can be used every morning to make your curls shiny and invigorate. Unlike other oils, if used in small doses, it does not make your hair heavier and does not create a wet look.


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