Fairy Hands

Hands are our business card to show during holidays: but we have to remember that a perfect manicure means not only a nail polish application but a complete hands care which starts from the skin. Hands are always exposed to bad weather conditions and they are subjected to irritation, cracks, dryness and redness; during the winter season, cold and  strong winds stress our hands, accelerating the ageing process. But, also the frequent washings with aggressive soaps and the use of detergents to clean the house, are other causes of dry and rough hands.

For this reason it is useful to follow some recommendations, that could seem obvious, but they are necessary, in order to avoid ruined hands, like: remember to wear protective gloves during house cleaning and when the temperature are really cold; apply always hands moisturizer after washing and drying the hands. In addition, in order to stimulate the blood circulation, move the fingers or squish a stress ball and give yourself, when it is possible, a beauty cuddle for your hands: scrubs, oils, masks and massages with karité butter – a magical ingredient for its emollient, nourishing, moisturizing proprieties – will maintain your skin younger thanks to the A,D and E vitamin.

Here, are two natural remedies to take care of your hands:

Nourishing Compress with Olive Oil

Immerse the hands in a small bowl with olive oil and massage them with circular movements. Leave it for 15 minutes and wear a pair of cotton gloves for 1 hour. If you do not have time during the day, you can do it during the night – before sleeping – and leave it overnight. When you wake up, the hands will be smooth and flawless.

P.S. The olive oil can be replaced by karité butter.

Anti-Aging Remedy with Lemon

If you want to have perfect hands without marks, sometimes rinse them with lemon juice. Rich in vitamins, this citrus remove impurity and redness. Apply a small amount of lemon juice in the skin area with the marks and leave for 15 minutes. The result will surprise you!


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