Cromotherapy, what a passion!

Since ancient Egyptian times was known that the colours and the light can give a beneficial effects on humans: the light- solar light, the fire, the electric light or fluorescent substances- boosts our serotonin level (considered a natural mood stabilizer produced by our body) helping us to be happy and more dynamic, indeed.

The chromo therapy is a natural cure which uses the light and the colour in order to give mental and physical wellbeing. In the best of Spas is possible to receive chromo therapy treatments through a specific colours use that illuminate the working  space, otherwise through the power of essential oils use, linked to specific colours and smells, vaporized on the body. We associate often feelings and  expressions to the colours because they can influence our mind and our body. The oriental medicine has identified 7 fundamentals colours which, for their wave- length, help to interact better with each single chakra energy. What colours are they? Here they are:

RED: the colour of the blood and the vital energy both mental and physical. It influences the heart beat and the blood pressure and stimulates our body, increasing our vital rhythms.

ORANGE: the symbol of inner balance, of artistic and sexual creativity, of confidence in ourselves and in others. It releases from depressive symptoms, stimulates the blooding circulation and give vitality to sexual organs, favouring the fecundity.

YELLOW: the symbol of the sun light, of the knowledge and energy, both of mind and nervous system.  The yellow colour is able to regulate the heart beat frequency and the arterial pressure. It acts on the digestive and the empathic system, but also on the bladder and the spleen.

GREEN: it releases a balance state, harmony and compassion feelings; it spreads love for everything that concerns the natural world favouring the right approach with the laws of nature and the respect of traditions. Besides having a calming effect, the green colour gives a justice and spirit greatness state.

BLUE: a symbol of balance and harmony, the blue colour is able to relax bringing wealth at the emotional sphere. It has the ability of normalize the heart beat and the blood pressure, moving away anxiety disorders and restoring calm and a relaxed state.

INDIGO:  is a symbol of spirituality and inner awakening. The indigo colour acts on our senses improving the mood if you are sad or in a depressive state. It has a very strong relaxing power and helps the practices of meditation.

VIOLET: it symbolises the capacity of indentifying yourself with the others. The violet colour encourages the desire of having a strong connection, both physical and emotional, with your beloved. This colour increases the creative capacity and the imagination, decreasing the rational sphere.

The chromo therapy is a different way to help the body and the mind in order to find a positive balance, improving the mood … why don’t let it get into our personal Spa?


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