Cinema is calling, Naples is answering

Mount Vesuvius shadow stretches until the cinema and makes Naples, one more time, the main character for several films upcoming season, just presented at the 74th Exhibition of the Venice Film Festival. Without forgetting the ones of the past, indeed.

A huge open-air stage that, since the age of Salone Margherita movies and men with waistcoat filmed by Lumière at Santa Lucia, until the local silent films production, makes streets, squares, the spectacular tradition, the local color, unforgettable protagonists in the De Sica, Rossellini, Pasolini, Loy, Scola, Tornatore, Troisi and many others’ movies… so, why do not discover the cult locations of the history of cinema in the city?

A contemporary Naples becomes protagonist of the Manetti Bros film “Ammore e Malavita” (“Love and Bullets”), competing for the prized Golden Lion, an amusing and authentic musical through which you can discover unusual corners of the city.

Why do not walk in the gardens of Molosiglio, taking Federico II University stairs, watching the families at the Royal Park in Capodimonte like in “Il Signor Rotpeter” – a Antonietta De Lillo’s movie, or observing the port of Naples with its dodgy shipments like in the “Gatta Cenerentola”, a Alessandro Rak’s movie, where the tale meets the crime?

Getting lost, then, in the middle of festivals located in the city squares with the gipsy in the “Il Cratere”, a Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino’s movie, who tempts fate in the Parthenopean hinterland; discover the “Land of Fire” secrets in “Veleno”, a Diego Olivares’ movie and the turbulent past of the young protagonist in “Nato in Casal di Principe”, who is looking for his redemption and carries his motherland ghosts, at the same time.

Once again Naples, unique and amazing city which, during these years, is experiencing a sort of cinematographic rebirth pushed by tv series like “Gomorra”, “Un Posto al Sole” and the most recent one – and almost finished – “L’Amica Geniale” in order to make a cinematographic itinerary to discover the most famous movies locations.

Discover the Chiaia district, taking the “Troisi stairs”, dedicated to the famous director who in the movie “Scusate il ritardo” argued with Lello Arena seated on the steps, while was raining; or remind the take away Pizzeria at Materdei where Sofia Loren worked in the movie “L’Oro di Napoli”, trying to find the ring she lose into the pizza dough.

Again the pizzeria is still producing culinary delights like at “Pizzeria by Michele”, in the Forcella district, where Julia Roberts in the movie “Mangia, prega, ama” (“eat, pray, love”) gave up on the diet because of her “majesty” the mozzarella. Without forgetting Pandola Palace chosen as location of several cinematographic productions: in the movie “L’Oro di Napoli” where Vittorio De Sica plays with cards or in the movie “Matrimonio all’italiana” where it is Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni’s house.

The cinema has always considered Naples and its magic as preferred subject and it is still like this nowadays: curious facts and unforgettable places and stories are the “fil rouge” to follow in order to be the protagonists of an ever-changing movie, but with an unique frame.


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