Christmas in Naples: artworks between “Presepe” and… Metro!

Christmas in Naples rhymes with a number of more than 60 events, among which stand out the historical San Gregorio Armeni and Decumani shepherds exhibitions and all of the events in the local area from the city center to the periphery.

It is a catalogue of artistic products, handmade creations, Neapolitan traditional cuisine dishes and, in addition to all of these, the Naples Metro magical atmosphere, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, unanimously.

Such a perfect way to live the beauty of the City during Christmas time and to discover its treasures, isn’t it?

During holidays, Naples is a magnet for tourists that, along with the citizens, flock to the streets from Scampia to Bagnoli, from Fuorigrotta to Pianura, walking through Vomero and Capodimonte, without forgetting the historical heart of the city, from Piazza Dante to Decumani until reaching  the Gallery Prince of Naples.

An unique and incomparable itinerary with the addition of the underground charming environment which enriches the Naples Metro that, during its journey, not only runs through the entire territory but with its colors, stations vibrant and elegant atmosphere, received several international awards.

If you want to see it for yourself, just start your personal tour from Toledo subway station dominated by sea and Neapolitan sky cerulean color shades enriched by mosaics dedicated to St. Januarius, and the suggestive Crater de Luz, from where you can have a breathtaking view over the city.

The itinerary continues in Materdei subway station, where the path is littered with unique artworks – Serafini and Ontani among artists – and in Museum  subway station, with Mimmo Jodice black and white photography and the majestic sculptures realized by the Academy of Fine Arts.

Dante subway station was projected by the architect Gae Aulienti. It is impressive and magnificent because of the backlit script, in Italian, with a quote of the famous writer Dante Alighieri. Nearby we have the massive Piazza Garibaldi subway station, covered by a futuristic building signed by Dominique Perrault and characterized by several suspended escalators.

It is important to report the artwork by Michelangelo Pistoletto, named “Station”, a surface on which are represented some life- size travelers.

We can find also artworks in the University of Naples subway station, with its installations signed by Karim Rashid, in Rione Alto subway station with those by Achille Cevoli, in Quattro Giornate subway station with paintings by Nino Longobardi, in Salvator Rosa subway station with the games by Mimmo and Salvatore Palladino and in Montecalvario subway station with the shots by Oliviero Toscani.

The best is yet to come: Naples Metro art is still in progress and new subway stations will be open soon and they will be more suggestive than the previous ones, like the new Municipio-Porto subway station exits that will be finished for the year 2019 and will show the artifacts from the Roman era, discovered during construction.

The Naples Metro magic never ends, especially during Christmas time!


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