Black Mask: vegetable carbon virtues

Vegetable carbon is a natural compound produced by the burning of wood. It has a strong detox power for the body, and it may be taken in pills form, added to bakery products or used as a precious beauty help if applied on the skin.

The facial carbon masks are useful with the change of season because it balances the brightness of the skin, which results grey and dull during the winter.

The preparation of this kind of mask is simple and quick: it is necessary to mince 4/5 vegetable carbon pills until you obtain a fine powder, then mix with hot water and, to make it more complete, add some bio honey and aloe vera gel.


Once you get a cream, apply it with a small brush, and pay attention to the skin around your lips and eyes. In order to improve the facial mask benefits and to make it scented, it is possible to add some drops of essential oils: lavender for a relaxing effect, tea tree to have an antibacterial action, camomille with its soothing and calming result. Leave the mask on and just relax! After approximately 20 minutes, wash your face with warm water, dry it with a facial tissue by rubbing softly.

Then, use a tonic for the pore and use a moisturizing cream, by making a soft and relaxant massage.

There are many uses of the vegetable carbon: if you need a powerful anti-bacterial against the imperfections, it can be blend with some drops of aloe vera gel and applied topically. Otherwise, it can be used as a teeth-whitening product by mixing its powder with water and brush with a toothbrush for 2 minutes. The result is granted!




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