Aloe for our wellness

Legs tired? Nature helps us with a “jolly” product, rich in properties and miraculous effects: aloe gel, the result of a thousand-year-old preparation that never ceases to amaze with its immense benefits (and not only those linked to our limbs!).

The aloe gel is obtained from the innermost part of the leaves of the plant: it is rich in water, lipids, vitamins, minerals that can regenerate the metabolism and restore relief in your legs, reducing swelling, edema and possible inflammation of tissues.

It is a real panacea against lymphatic stasis thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.

The advice is to keep the aloe gel in the refrigerator to enhance the cold effect and get a quick and natural first aid!

For our tired limbs, the gel should be applied from the feet to the legs, stretching it from the bottom upwards, with a gentle massage that favors the drainage of liquids and the elimination of stagnations accumulated during a whole day in movement.

It should be used every evening, until it is completely absorbed after having subjected the lower limbs to a jet of cold water, useful for enhancing the toning effect.

A great help is also the Aloe Vera juice, a refreshing drink perfect to purify the body and stimulate cell growth: it has a pleasant taste, slightly fruity, and it is sold in practical bottles (convenient to carry around and sip during the day).

As a purifying treatment – and to enhance its virtues – it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach in the morning (or even 30 minutes before meals), in doses ranging from 20 ml to a maximum of 60 ml of juice per day.

At the Romeo Wellness Bar you can find this tasty drink, to sip by letting you wrap yourself in refined surroundings, music and evocative scents that contribute to creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere.


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